About Matthew Klodt

Matthew Klodt is an SEO & WordPress Expert

Hi, I’m Matthew Jason Klodt, a web designer/developer by education, and search engine optimization expert with an emphasis in technical SEO by trade. During my 12+ year career, I’ve worked in almost every area of online marketing, website design and web development, including managing small marketing and web development teams.

My teams and I have achieved many goals with the overall purpose of growing the companies and clients I’ve worked for and helping them outperform their competitors. The most impressive of these accomplishments included my work for my past employer Green Gorilla where I was able to grow their website traffic by thousands of users per month, add tens of thousands of dollars per month to their online sales and simultaneously increase their e-commerce conversion rate from a mere 2.97% to a respectable 3.96%. In addition, I was able to complete all of these goals in under 10 months.

From online marketing and SEO, to web design and development, to database and server administration, I’ve never been afraid to learn subjects that I may not specialize in, in order to take on necessary projects to give my employers an edge online. I have been blessed with the intelligence to learn and adapt quickly to new technologies as well as a strong ability to multitask between many different projects simultaneously. This variety of work that my career encompasses, has given me a substantial amount of experience in website management and marketing with proven results based on accurate data.

Please contact me about expert SEO, online marketing & web development services.